Women On Tinder Are Looking For Men With These Jobs

Having these job information on your profile will get you more right swipes.


Do you sometimes ask yourself if the time you spend on your LinkedIn account is truly worth it?

Because up to date, even after following the advice of “update your profile and post more frequently”, you still can’t proudly say “this is the one massive result my efforts have yielded me”.

It doesn’t have to be that way. LinkedIn is the one market where people come to look for experts who are capable of providing a solution to their problems.

That’s why today, you’ll learn about 3 ways you can also grow your coaching business in the short and long run using LinkedIn.


1. Reach more people by sharing a valuable post

The beauty of LinkedIn is that it helps put your content in front of your connections’ connections when they simply drop a comment or like the post.

Other than the fact that your new update helps your connections get new tips, it also positions you as an expert to everyone who views your content.

Telling your readers you’re an expert is not what they need — “seeing is believing”.

Therefore, post content that is helpful to your readers and shows your expertise. 

This valuable content doesn’t always have to be an article. A short story, a challenge or simple tips can come in handy.

Posting random quotes only position as a quotes expert, not an expert coach.

One of the reasons why people like Gary V is because his posts are helpful and valuable. He doesn’t post quotes, he gives real valuable advice to his audience.

To make this process easier, develop a content strategy that is strategic and thoughtful. If coming up with a content strategy, feel free to reach out to a relationship strategist or writer to help you out.

2. Review people who viewed your profile

As you can simply agree, no one walks into the tailor’s shop with the intention of buying meat. 

This means anyone walking into the tailor shop is interested in dealing with the tailor.

What does this mean for you? 

It means the people who are viewing your profile are people who are somewhat interested in working with you or helping you build your business. — At the other end, found your post or your comment on another post helpful.

So what do you do?

Simple, follow up with everyone who views your profile. This helps you either build better relationships with that person or attract a customer.

Simply message them saying “Hi name, I noticed you viewed my profile and I’d love to talk with you more about how I can help you, thanks.”

3. Message someone

Similar to the second point, reach out to whoever connects or views your profile. 

I understand this may sound pesty, and that’s why you should send a less pesty and more formal message.

Here’s a sample below. Feel free to tweak it how you want, but always keep it short and avoid selling.

For people who view your profile, “Hi name, I noticed you viewed my profile and I’d love to talk with you more about how I can help you, thanks.”

For new connections, “Hi name, I help relationship and personal development coaches earn more through content. What do you do?”

Doing this turns your connection to a formal friend.

Here are three takeaways;

  • Create a valuable post for your readers.
  • Reach out to new connections.
  • Reach out to people who view your profile.

Do you feel like you’ve wasted your time reading this? If no, what’s the one thing you’re going to implement to increase your chances of getting more leads for your coaching business on LinkedIn?

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