Easy Ways Coaches Can Eliminate The Stress Of Creating Content

How to eliminate the stress of creating promotional content


Do you know according to research “businesses that regularly publish on their blog see 67% more leads?” That’s what you get from only blogging.

This excludes social media content, Youtube and other forms of content.

Content creation processes like research, including your customer’s language, including a call to action to get more leads, isn’t easy.

A lot of coaches complain that creating content takes away their resting, reading and planning time. Which unknown to them reduces their efficiency.

According to Brian Tracy “any time you stop learning and practicing or adding new knowledge and ideas, you do not stay in the same place. You actually begin to fall back in the line of life. People start to pass you.”

So, as a coach, you need to focus more on sharpening your coaching skills. However, if you desire to create content yourself, here are 5 ways coaches can eliminate the stress of creating content.

1. Create a content strategy

A content strategy is a week or month long plan about what to create for your audience to boost your marketing.

If you don’t have a content strategy outlined, you could spend 15 – 20 minutes thinking about what content, topic or platform to put out your content.

2. Understand your prospects needs

Your audience and prospects have a specific need around your profession. If the content you create does not resonate with the need of your prospects they won’t read.

Understanding your prospects’ needs will help you create a content strategy that converts readers.

3. Focus on quality, not quantity

Yes, the more content you put out, the more your chances. But what if the content you’re creating doesn’t resonate with your readers’ needs?

That’s the definition of bad content marketing. To bring your prospects value that attracts them to working with you, take your time to understand their needs.

4. Dedicate a time to create content

Streamlining your activities for the day reduces stress and burnout. “I’ll create content at 4pm today” is more effective than “I’ll create content today”.

After streamlining your activities, take a look at your content strategy and start creating.

5. Hire an editor to review your work

The desire to create regular content in a short period of time leads to less attention and writing mistakes. Grammar mistakes don’t cost legs, but it’s never enticing to the reader.

To provide your prospects the best content with a limited time window, have an editor with expertise reexamine your content for you.

If you feel these processes will consume your time, make you focus less on your coaching business or strategizing how to capitalize your market, we’re here to help you.

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