Traits Clients Whom Hire Coaches Look Out For

Exhibit these simple traits to magnet more clients to your coaching business


According to a 2016 research by The International Coaching Federation (ICF), there are over 53,300 coaches, and about 92% of these coaches are currently active.

That statistic only talks about the number of coaches who own a certified ICF degree. 

This, therefore, makes the process of hiring a coach prove somewhat challenging for prospects out there.

As you and I can agree, in other to find the perfect fit, people are forced to create a filter when they are presented with too many options to choose from.

One way prospects filter coaches is by focusing on the value or nature of content they consume from these coaches.

Here are some traits you should add to your content in other to impress and attract more clients that will help you grow your coaching business rapidly;

1. Optimism

In a layman’s term, a positive attitude attracts while a negative attitude repels. Every single person who wants to work with a coach desires some form of improvement to lead a better life.

As a coach, your content has to show the audience that you’re optimistic about life. So, create content that inspires your readers to strive for more.

2. Excellent body language

A coach talking about confidence in a video with arms folded across the chest is a coach nobody will hire when they want to build their confidence.

Regardless of how good your points are, if your body language can’t prove to your audience or viewers that you’re confident, they won’t feel inspired to work with you.

3. Judgement free

Coaching is a profession for the rainy days — yeah, sad but true. If everything feels right, people won’t come to you for advice. So when people come to you, the last thing they want from you is judgment.

If your content makes your prospect feel like you’re judging them, they will feel less motivated to work with you. Keep in mind that judging is not the same as saying the bitter truth.

4. Challenging

We all want a coach because we’re interested in getting to a whole new level we do not think we can get to by ourselves.

A good coach challenges their audience/clients to gain a deeper understanding of their issues, to face their fears and push beyond their limits.

5. Passionate

Passion is like a sweet-smelling fragrance, it attracts people to you. The absence of passion, on the other hand, repels people.

If your audience feels your passion and empathy for helping others, they’ll be more inclined to work with you. Another way you can show your passion is by smiling when you talk to your audience.

Sprinkle these 5 traits around your content to make your audience feel more connected to you, thereby creating more room for them to work with you.

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