What’s The Best Way To Market My Relationship Coaching Services In 2020?

Give yourself a competitive edge with these innovative strategies


Sitting in an office as you’ll also agree with me is not a marketing technique for any coach.

Having only one or two clients a week can force you to start questioning your choice of career, which can also make you feel demotivated.

So today, I’m going to reveal to you, how to promote your coaching services …

So You Don’t End Up As One Of Those Coaches Who Gave Up On Their Dreams.

Taking measures to promote your services should be rewarding or …

Must Get You Results!

When you promote your services the right way, not only will it lead new people to you,

It will also bring about an opportunity for your old clients to work with you

So how best & smartly can you promote yourself in a world where there’s so much transformation?

Well, It’s Really Simple!

Before we start, the first thing you need to know is;

Newspaper Ads Are Going To Cost You A lot & Bring A Little!

When we think “promoting business,” we think newspapers. But like grandparents — that’s old!

Here’s why newspaper ads will bring you little or nothing.

According to the words of one of the greatest marketers …

“If they don’t know you, they won’t flow you”

Telling people to call you if they need relationship help won’t convince them you’re good.

They need to see that you really understand them. And newspaper ads won’t prove that.

People are skeptical when it comes to spending their money and time on things they don’t know.

Thinking About $pending On TV Ads? DON’T!!

Here’s why, these days, everyone is on or with their phone.

Even when they’re watching TV, they’re using their phones,

They sometimes miss the interesting part of the movie, using their phone.

So what makes you feel they’re going to watch your ad when they don’t even watch the interesting parts of the movie?

Since Everyone Is On The Internet, Let’s Meet Them There Right?

Let’s say we sign up or already have a Facebook page for our business,

The next thing that comes to our mind because we feel we have to promote our business is to…

Boost Page? Without The Right Target = $0.00

You might be thinking, “should I target people who are single or have relationship problems”,

But except you’re a digital marketing expert, no offense but you’ll almost not do it right.


You’ve done no wrong thinking that.

A Lot Of People Out There Need Relationship Help!

But a lot of them are not sure of where to go, to get the best results.

Even though they see a lot of ads from relationship coaches, they’re still skeptical.

I mean, how many times do you see an ad and just click on it?

That’s where the saying “if they don’t know you, they won’t flow” you come in.


I think you might know the answer — it’s through your blogs, newsletters, and social media.

According to research by AdWeek

“70% of consumers would rather learn about products through contents.“

And …

“47% of buyers view at least 3-5 pieces of content before deciding to speak to a sales rep”

You might be thinking “I’m not selling” But the truth is, you’re also a business owner.

Content is King! Therefore, you need content to create awareness about who you are and what you do.

But here’s what you should know before thinking about starting a blog or creating a blog …

Writing Blogs Like Every Coach Won’t Help You Stand Out!

A lot of coaches already know writing blogs is a good way to promote themselves.

So if you’re creating your blogs yourself,

Here’s a question you really need to ask yourself …

Are You Telling or Selling With Your Blogs?

“Selling with blogs?” Yes! Your blogs can sell you more than you know.

So if you hate the word selling, you need to find a way around that if you truly have love for your business.

A lot of coaches really do not know how to write good blogs,

They just blog because they’ve heard blogging is the way out.

So, selling with your blogs is one out of three ways to promote your business.

And that’s where you have an advantage, because …

There’s A Way To Write Blogs That Will Actually Sell You!

There are a lot of content out there about how to blog,

But just like everything in life,

The Best Way Is Known Only By A Few!

Have you ever needed something which made you search the internet for an answer, which therefore leads you to a blog?

But in no time found yourself closing the blog before even reading halfway?

That’s an example of a blog that didn’t help that person promote himself.

So not only do you need blogs, but you need blogs that will sell you!

The second best way to promote your coaching services is through,

Writing Newsletters!

According to research by Marketing Sherpa,

“86% of consumers said they’ll like you to send them promotional emails AT LEAST every month.”

So how do you get an email list?

By writing blogs. So you see how they are both related?

But as you also know,

A Lot Of Emails Gets Deleted Before Being Opened!

Yhup!, we’re both guilty about that.

That’s why you need to build an email list through your blogs.

Building an email list isn’t everything,

Because sometimes, we still delete emails we sign up for.

Why? Because most times they appear tiring to read, other times they don’t seem helpful!

That’s Why You Need To Send Emails That People Will Really Enjoy Reading!

I guess you’ve also found yourself reading emails that we can’t really pinpoint the reasons why we’re reading them.

That’s an example of a good email.

A lot of people don’t know how to create them.

You need good newsletters for your business.

The third way to promote your business is through …

Social Media!

Your social media isn’t just for your pictures with friends or family!

Everybody is on social media today, and that’s where we need to move our business.

So, did you just create a new blog?

Post it on your social media.

New product? Advertise it on social media.

Upcoming Bootcamp? Event or seminar? Post it on social media.

But you need to use the right word or it won’t yield you results because

Starting A Social Media Account Isn’t All There’s Is To Promoting Yourself!

You need a good content strategy,

You need to create content that people won’t close before reading.

So you’ll always have the right content for your fans.

Your Fans Won’t Go To Another Coach Only If You Give Them Valuable Content!

Another way to promote yourself using social media is by giving your followers daily tips and quotes.

And like you’ve seen on social media, there are a lot of people doing this.

So here’s what you need to know before creating content

Without The Right Strategy, Your Pictures With Quote or Videos Will Go Around Without Getting You Credit!

So, I guess you’re thinking “how do I savage myself?”

Well, there’s one way I know

And for reading this far, I’ll reward you with a secret to get rewarded for every content you put out there,

And that secret is …

You must add your name and website to every content.

So these are the three ways you can promote your coaching service come 2020 or starting today if you don’t want to procrastinate.

Quick question,

Are you going to spend your valuable time learning about all these or would you focus on becoming a better coach for your clients?

If you value your business, please focus 100% on getting better at coaching your clients daily.


There’s a secret a few outstanding coaches in their field are using today.

And if you also desire to become outstanding in this business,

And get to live your dream,

So you can smile at those people who thought you’re going the wrong way for starting a business,

There’s An Easy Way Out For You!

If you were my good friend,

I’d tell you “don’t do the promotional work yourself” because you’ll end up being frustrated with the process when you don’t see results!

So, here’s what you need!

You need someone who will not just write for you,

But someone who will write to promote you.

They’re usually called copywriters!

They’re promotional writers and there are a whole lot of them out there.

But like I said earlier,

There’s Only A Few Best!

So good luck with the process.

Extra tip, when searching for one,

Find one who’s in your niche, don’t work with a generalist copywriter.

By The Way …

Hey, thanks so much for reading this content,

It only shows you’re really serious about your business,

And if you found it helpful and you found yourself thinking,

“you know what, I want this person who talks about creating content that will drive me more clients to me handle my writing for me”

Then we can do just that for you.

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