Tricks Coaches Can Apply To Create Content That Converts

The best ways to come up with content that delivers and converts.


As a coach, brainstorming content to create for your prospects and audience can sometimes seem tricky.

We’re often caught in between avoiding giving content that they should pay for, and content that’s really valuable to them.

Regardless of your dilemma, you know creating content is the one true way to attract clients.

So how do you smartly avoid giving your paid tips and also avoid putting out content that’s not fluff?

Here are the secrets to creating content that shows your expertise and attracts clients to you.

What is content that converts?

Content that converts is content that provides value to your readers. If it doesn’t add value, it doesn’t convert.

Take for instance. The last person you followed on Instagram or LinkedIn was someone whose content proved useful to you.

If their message hadn’t been helpful to you, you wouldn’t have followed them.

So, it is safe to say, that content converted you because it provided value to you.

How do you create content that converts?

As they say, it’s simple but not easy.

The simple answer is to create content that adds value.

The not easy thing is, what content adds value?

How do you create content that adds value?

Value means different things to different people. The best way around this to truly understand your prospect.

Creating content that adds value is about taking your prospect from the position of no result to where they have results.

Therefore, your content needs to provide value that helps your prospect get results.

Your content needs to be centered around the three things your prospects need to do to go from no results to some results.

Take a moment to figure out the three things your prospects need to do to go from “no results to some results.”

Then create content that helps them get these results.

Yes, I know talking about these three things will get boring over time.

So how do you come up with three-piece of content that won’t get your prospects bored?

Simple. Create content that answers their objections and fears around these three areas.

As a business to customer service provider, your prospects…

Objections include;

  • Yeah, but when …
  • Yeah, but what …
  • Yeah, but how …

The “yeah but” content should provide a little more information that would help your prospects feel more confident.

Every prospect has reservations and questions around the service you offer. Answering their questions is a great way to offer value to them.

Fear includes;

  • What if I am …
  • What if I don’t …
  • What if they …

The “what if” are your prospects’ fear around your service.

The more you try to eliminate their fear, the more valuable you become.

As you’d agree, the person who helps us the most is the person we’d always do business with.

Therefore, the easy way to create content that delivers and convert reader is to create content that answers their objections and fears.

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