3 Ways to Generate Revenue as a Coach During the Convid-19 Holidays

Ways to boost your coaching business during holidays


If you feel confused about what to do concerning your coaching business this season, you’re far from being alone.

However, the good thing is, your coaching business isn’t physically affected even though it feels slow.

That’s something to smile about during a season when it feels like there’s nothing to be happy about.

So how can you generate more revenue this season and avoid the feeling of being affected by the virus?

Here are three main ways coaches can increase revenue during this coronavirus holiday season.

1. Run your ads now

“But I’ve been running ads for a while now!” Yes, I know that too. So why run ads now?

People are currently spending most of their time on their phones since they don’t have an office to keep them occupied. Even those working from home can’t help but take a social media break every now and then.

Your ads will be more effective now because people are spending most of their time on their devices.

Your ads should focus more on helping them become better people at the end of the holidays. Create ads about:

  • Your ebooks
  • Your Masterclass
  • Your taster packages

2. Offer more discounts

Why should you offer discounts now? A lot of people are bored staying at home, they’re searching for something engaging to do.

With travel bans and public gathering bans, boredom will soon hit its peak.

Using mobile phones gets boring over time. Watching TV gets boring over time. Offering discounts on your services and programs right now is a way to offer people something else to do during this lockdown period.

So while you run your ads, offer discounts to make them more interesting.

Offer discounts through;

  • Ads
  • Social media
  • Newsletters

3. Increase your social media presence

I know you post 2-3 times a day, and I’d like to commend you for that.

However, you should aim for more social media time because at times like this, people are interested in hearing from experts.

Therefore, it would be a smart move to be there for them when they need someone to walk them through.

Thanks for reading, however…

If you need help with any of these processes, I’m here to help. I help coaches earn more through content creation. #CLICKHERE to learn more.

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