Convid-19: How Coaches Can Get the Best Results While Working From Home

Tips to avoid feeling overwhelmed while working from home.


“Since I’m working with my laptop, I can as well work from the bed,” had made me sleep more than a pregnant woman.

As a copywriter and consultant, I’ve been working from home long before anyone alive or with superpowers could predict the rise of Convid-19. It wasn’t easy when I started, but today, I’m not sure if I can make it in an office. 

Working from home could prove challenging if you go into it without a solid plan. To reduce the challenges and get more done, here are my tips to help you experience progress as you work from home.

Don’t start without a plan

Working from home is beautiful because it’s less stressful and you get to enjoy being in your comfort zone. But as they say, comfort is the killer. To avoid making comfort rob you of what you have to do, draw a solid plan. Your plan should include:

1. Work time

I’ve told myself I’ll get a lot done today and end up regretting while laying on my bed at night. What I’ve found to work is “I’ll work from 8-1.” Define your working hours.

By the way, if you know you’re more productive in the morning, don’t let working from home change that. Put a label at that time as “work,” then make sure you only work at that time. 

2. Workspace

“I can do it from my bed. I can use my laptop on my sofa,” is not the way to get the best result while working from home. Other than the back pain it could cause, it’s usually not comfortable.

If you don’t have a free room for yourself, get a table and chair. However, if you find the noise from your family or neighbors distracting, invest in some earplugs or noise cancellation headset.

3. Break time

According to research, humans are more productive when they take breaks between tasks.

That doesn’t mean abandoning what you’re doing in the name of research. Take breaks to free your mind, increase blood circulation, and to stretch.

4. Lunchtime

“I can eat anytime since I’m at home,” was one of the misleading things I told myself. It made me worry about eating too late or eating too early. Devoting a specific time for lunch helped me focus more.

5. Email time

If you receive a lot of mails daily, opt for two different times to deal with them. Spend the morning reviewing business-related email, and the most convenient time to handle your email consulting client.

6. Coaching sessions

Since most of your work is focused on coaching people, design a special time for your clients. Any client that reaches out within the day should be scheduled for the next day. However, if you feel you have the time, work with them, but don’t let that stress you.

7. Your looks

Yes, you’re a professional at home too, and you need to show your clients that. Dress appropriately when talking to a client. Also, invest in a LED light and microphone to improve your client’s video call experience.

8. Free time

Just as you have to close your office every day at a particular time, so should you when working from home. If you feel the need to do more that’s fine. But have a specific closing time to help you avoid feeling overwhelmed about working from home. Close the laptop, clear your table and close the door until the next day.

Apply these little tips to your life while working from home and you might not want that to change.

Thanks for reading, however…

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