Maybe Copywriting, Marketing, & Advertising Isn’t RIGHT For Your Coaching Business


“That Can’t Be Right!”

Dear Coach,

I know you’re thinking…

“There’s no way I can grow my coaching business without having the right content or copy and marketing my services… I mean… that’s what being successful in the digital age requires right?”

Well, if you harbor thoughts like…

Marketing costs money, I’ll handle my marketing and promotions myself, hiring someone to create content for me is expensive,…”

Then I think I’m right when I say maybe copywriting and marketing isn’t right for your coaching business.

And you should stop watching now too.

However, if you’ve always WANTED…

  • Landing pages that make your audience CONTINUOUSLY  buy your EBOOKS and COURSES.
  • Events, boot camps, matchmaking, and webinar descriptions that create the “CAN’T WAIT TO ATTEND” urge for your audience.
  • Consultation and coaching programs that makes your audience die to learn from an authority and expert like you.
  • In a world where everyone out there is constantly deleting emails, if you want people to keep looking out for your emails
  • If you want blogs, videos, and content that creates arousal for your audience to read, watch, and learn,
  • While the public can’t wait to skip or scroll over an ad, you want people to actually keep watching yours because it’s valuable to them and make them click.
  • Social media content that trigger your fans to comment and take screenshots.

Holding on to the myths about marketing and copywriting won’t help you scale your business.

If you’ve always dreamt about wonderful results regardless of the type of audience you want, you need to open your arms to copywriting and marketing.

So what’s copywriting?

According Dan Kennedy who is one of the greatest marketers, copywriting is “the ability to put words on paper(text) that get people to send you money.”

That is to say copywriting can literally save your business from dying.

According to a Forbes article, “marketing matters now more than ever because it’s purpose is to create a customer which leads to business innovation.”

Here’s this,

You can save your coaching business from folding up, grow an audience that loves you, make them more willing to buy your products and employ your services with the right copy and marketing strategy.

Don’t Believe Me When I Say Copywriting and Marketing “Can Save Your Business From Folding Up?”

Heads up! This is a story to prove copywriting and marketing has been effective over centuries…

In Norway, the SAAB car had no measurable profile for years.

The company implemented every internal measures they could ever think of. Yet there was no tangible result.

The company began thinking about ways to sell anything they could scrap out.

But, three years later it was voted the best Norwegian car for winters.

How did a company which was about to go bankrupt manage to pull this off?

They did this through copywriting and marketing!


SAAB motors hired David Ogilvy who helped them position SAAB motors as a car for winter.

Boom! The brand gained recognition and became the go-to brand for Norwegians.

Alright! Alright! I completely agree this will never happen to your business.

This extreme example just goes to show that whenever you’re having a rough patch in your business or desire to grow it to the height you’ve ever dreamt of, effective copywriting and marketing will help you get there.

We all want to stand tall in our business.

But the resistance from friends and family can be cold.

Naively, we think this resistance is because they hate us.

But the truth is any type of change is disturbing and the people who know you often think you need saving.

And yes! The entrepreneur is the loneliest person on earth because it’s hard to have courage in the dark by yourself.

But that is if you let it be.

According to research, 20% of entrepreneurs fail. Bitter but true.

And the likely-hood of sticking with the process is harder if you’re making these transformations personally, professionally and handling your advertising and marketing yourself.

That’s why we’re here for you.

To take away the overwhelm and help you with strategies and copies that will make you stand head and shoulders above everybody else.

And at a bare minimum help you make more sales.

If you’d like me to help you with all these stuff, I’ve created special strategies to help or show you…

  • How to determine the sales process that would help you earn twice even if you’re selling just one book.
  • One simple technique to EARN with your lead magnet.
  • What you should never do when your audience book a consultation call.
  • When it’s okay to pull buyers from untapped sources.
  • Techniques that will help you say goodbye to little audience.
  • What to do if you want to convert more with your webinars
  • And more…

Ok if that sounds good to you.

Here’s what to do next. Click the contact us button below.

And when you do, you’ll be taken to a simple registration page where you can give your name, website detail, and email address. So I can look at what you’ve got and get back to you.

The strategy session is of course totally free.

I hope you found this useful?

I look for to seeing you on the strategy session!

So if you like this, go ahead and get registered now because you’re going to love our strategy session together.

Thank you for your time and watching this. I hope you have a great day.

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