Today, I wanna share with you…

A really NEGLECTED but simple process that will help you double, triple, and quadruple the sales of your next product.

I’ve researched series of relationship and personal development coaches websites,

But yet to find anyone using this common process that top marketers are using to sell to you (I mean to coaches and the public).

I want to show you how to do it so you can apply it to your coaching business too.

There are a lot of things we can do together to 10x your sales,

But today’s video is about three little things you can add to your sales process.

Every coach has a sales process. The successful coaches have a concrete sales process.

So this video is going to…

Draw your attention to the things you’re partially doing or haven’t really thought about.

And they’re a lot easier than you might think.

Let me show you what I’m talking about,

How it works and how you might test.

Here’s an example…

After creating a product, the average sales process looks like this.

  1. Create a landing page.
  2. Create emails to tell your audience you’re launching a new ebook or product.
  3. Send a sales letter or email to drive them to the landing page.
  4. (Maybe) send subsequent emails talking about the product or giving a discount.

Well, basically that’s how it should be yeah?

I mean that’s what almost every coach out there is doing right?

But here’s this,

Every buyer is skeptical. And that’s 100% normal.

According to Tom Hopkins, “the average human doesn’t buy because they don’t have enough information yet, and they won’t admit it to you.”

So if we know one of the reasons why your average buyer doesn’t buy is because they don’t have enough information,

What do we do?

1. Well, one way we can solve that is by educating them.


So the question becomes when do we educate them?

That’s where my principle called “The School System” comes to play.

What’s the school system?

Back then when we were in school, exams only comes after a series of lectures, not before series of lectures.

What I’m trying to point out here is, you don’t write exams before you learn, you write exams after series of lectures,

If that makes sense,

How about applying that same process to the sales of your next product?

So, this is how you can do that?

After creating a new product. Create at least 3 sets of content that

  1. Educates your prospects.
  2. Addresses their skepticism.
  3. Encourages their dreams.

Does it make sense that if your audience won’t buy because they don’t have enough information, we should create content that educates them before time?

Yes, I think so.

And according to Grant Cardone “people don’t buy when they have unanswered questions.”

That is to say, they’re skeptical.

To solve that, the second content you create should solve the problem of addressing their fears and worries.

Then we’ll move to the last content you need to create,

Which is content that encourages and validates the dreams your prospects have around that product.

So, until your prospects see these 3 contents, you’re not supposed to show them the sales page or ask them to buy that product.

A lot of coaches ignore this part.

The ones who don’t, do this after they’ve exposed the product to their audience.

Which is similar to putting the cart before the horse.

Tell me, would you be more willing to buy from someone who’s given you value by educating you, removing your worries, and encouraging your dreams?

I would, and your customers would love that too.

Doing this will double the sales of your product.

2. The second untouched part is about “following up.”


As the popular saying goes, “the gold is in following up.”According to a study done by The Association of Sales Executives, “81% of all sales happen on or after the fifth contact.”

Okay, I know the remaining 81% of your audience won’t buy if you just follow up.

But imagine if 30, 20, or let’s say 10% of your audience buy when you follow up. Doesn’t that mean you’ve triple your income?

So the question here becomes how do you followup and who exactly do you follow up?

That’s where having the right system comes in.

Let’s start with the how. You don’t just send them an email asking “why didn’t you buy.”

Here are the three things you should do when you’re following.

  1. Encourage them.
  2. Reassure them by showing testimonials.
  3. And finally, give an incentive for buying.

So, let’s move to the who do you follow up?

The first thing you do is make sure the people who you are selling to have consumed the three content we just talked about it a few moments ago.

Do you remember them? Great!

These are the people you should focus on following up with.

Make sure your landing page has the ability to monitor the people who watched the sales video but didn’t take action to buy.

There’s a system that allows you to do that.

Those are the people you create followup emails for. Does that make sense?

Take a second to imagine if you’ve been doing this with your old products.

3. The third thing we can do is sell to the people who already love you.


These are the people who already find you valuable, like you, and most importantly trust you.

These are your easiest sell. These are the people with the least resistance because they already like you.

Selling to these people is the first thing you should always do before you sell to the public.

These are also the people who will help you build testimonials for the product and the general public.

These are also the people who will help quadruple your revenue every time.

So here’s a recap.

The first step which is educating your prospects helps you double your sales.

The second which is follow up help you triple it.

And the third step which is selling to people who already love you quadruples your sales.

Did I live up to my promise showing you how to double, triple, and quadruple your sales? Great!

So what these 3 simples steps do is help you make it really easy to sell more, increase your revenue, and be happy with yourself every time you create a new product.

So here’s the deal.

When people don’t have enough information, they would say “let me think about”. That’s why follow up is necessary.

So when you offer your customer the ability to learn before they ever think about buying and follow up with emails to clear their doubts, I’m sure you’ll sell way more than you’ve ever sold.

So the next important thing to consider is…

Your level of creating copy that’s really persuasive for your email click sequence, followup, and your landing page content.

Knowing what to do is one part, doing it right is the most important part.

So here’s my simple pitch for you.

If you want copies that wow your audience into thinking you understand them which will make them feel they can’t help but buy, and effective strategies to sell more.

We’re here to help. That’s what I do. I help coaches formulate strategies and create content that brings results.

And even if you don’t, I want you to do this for yourself and I’d love for you to give me feedback on this.

My belief is that you’ll sell more if you try this process than if you didn’t.

And that’s my goal, to help you sell more of your product and services, and more importantly, be happy and more successful.

So my name’s Mauris Othuke.

Thank you so much for reading this. And hopefully, you’ll reach out to me so we’ll work on more strategies to sell more.

Alright. Thanks so much for reading, I look forward to seeing you soon.

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