“Just Released Book Uncovers How To Avoid Being The Guy Who Gets Friend-zone By The Girl He Truly Desire..."

Singlehandedly Crafted By,
The World’s Most Sought After Female Attraction Expert For Men,

Natasha Karem.

Hey dude,

If you’d like to avoid being told by the next girl you spend months working to ask out tell you or overhear her telling her friends about you saying “aww, but we can’t be more than friends” this is the most important letter you’ll read today.

I’ll show you why in a minute.

But First… Here’s Why You Don’t Want To Read This:

I’m not implying that you can use this to get the girl who’s already friend-zoned you.

This is to help you avoid making the unconscious mistakes that have been costing you the girls you want or that come around you, that no one will tell you.

Since the average guy out there who buys books online don’t read or follow the instructions, feel free to stop reading if you’re one.

With that said..…. let me tell you…

Exactly What You’re Getting

This book is unlike anything you’ve ever or will ever read…

Why or how?

Because it’s more of a “walk you through” to stop being the guy who women ignore because he’s always positioning himself as needy to becoming the abundance guy.

This book is not here to waste your time. It’s dedicated to bringing you results by going straight to the point, showing you exactly what to do, how to do it, and why.

And it’s really easy to go through. With just 400 pages you can turn your luck around after reading it in just one day.

And you’ll immediately get the entire process I personally walk my paying clients through when it comes to putting an end to “we can’t be more than friends.”

Here’s a bit of what I have stocked inside this book for your dating life:


    Powerful incremental baby-steps that will free you from the friend zone.

  • AMAZING NEWS: Most guys don’t know how to position themselves as a romantic partner which automatically leads the woman they met feel they can’t help but tag them as “friend or ‘I don’t care material”


    You’ll now have multiple techniques to create a strong and romantic bond with the next woman you meet before you complete this book.

  • Men do everything but position themselves as the right guy for her. I don’t want you to be that guy so, I’m handing you…

    Breakthrough tactics for flushing out the thoughts that make you unconsciously position yourself as a friendly guy even though the woman wants you sexually.

  • STEAL THESE TRICKS: Easy things to do that force women to respond romantically and sexually.

    Phase shifting techniques that will generate evocative responses from women.

  • You’re trying — doing it all wrong! When it comes to making her fall for you. That’s why she can look into your eyes and tell you “we can’t be more than friends.”

    So I’m giving you attraction triggers that will spark her interest in getting to know you on a more seductive level and thinking about you that way.

Every Guy’s Been Told That

You have to fight to get her attention right?

Save that strength for planning dates, dinner nights, and for the bed because I’m handing you…

Texting and talking on the phone techniques that will shift her attention from the ocean of men she talks to.

In addition to those bits mentioned above, you’ll also discover

  • How to be yourself in the process of trying to get her to fall for you. (Page 19)
  • The easiest way to avoid and eliminate being shy, feeling embarrassed, the uncertainty that comes with being around a new woman. — I mean the one you really want because those are the ones that make us nervous and sweat. Lol. (Read page 51 twice)
  • Less overthinking ways to move from touching her to getting her to touch you and then… you know what next yeah? *winks.
  • It’s awkward to talk about sex if kinda really like her or not sure she does.

    So page 42 is showing you how to let her know that, and also make her realize you’re the kind of man that can f**k her into her dream and back.

You’ll also discover undercover secrets like…

  • Sometimes women don’t say what they mean and men often think they mean what they say.

    How to turn a negative response to a positive favorable outcome for both of you.

  • Since women get bored of a man, I’ve shown you…

    How to develop the characteristics of the man she’ll always want and constantly want to get her hands on.

  • Sleek ways to build a more positive experience that she’s always wanted to do with a man, but haven’t because she hasn’t found the one.

You’re right! That’s a lot for you.

But here’s this,

Other than taking you above every man who’s chasing after her, you’ll also become that man you always admired on the T.V that really gets the girl.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg because I’m also giving you…

An Advanced System For Avoiding The Nice Guy Trap.


It’s natural that men feel the need to be good to her because doing the opposite feels completely weird.

Here’s this…

Without doubt nice guys finish last.

I’m not saying that because it’s a cliche, but because I’ve worked with a lot of men that feel bitter about life because of the way they’ve been “good to women.”

And, unlike what everyone tells you, you don’t need to be a “bad guy” to go from the friend-zone guy to the “I just want him” guy.

Every guy know these two terms (bad guy and nice guy) are so confusing.

That’s why, in this book, I’m showing you how to…

  • Use the kind of humor which women want in every man.
  • Confidently convey your assets without feeling ashamed about it.
  • Share your hobbies and interests in ways that she’ll respect the kind of man you are.
  • Flirt with women and leave them hanging so that they’ll be the one to make you want to escalate the situation.

But how do you turn a normal conversation with women to sexually arousing and connect with them in ways that the nice guy can never dream of achieving?

There’s a Specific System Which Allows You Do That

And in addition to this book.

You’re also getting a complete 400-page walkthrough of exactly how that system works. And how you can start implementing it right away.

It’s not a body-building system that takes months or years to get real results.

It’s a system that turns your thinking from losing her while you think you’re doing everything to get her to the direction of attracting keeping the woman you’ve always wanted.

And most importantly making her want you.

Here’s What To Do Next

The cost of this book is just $47, and you’ll get it instantly as a PDF download.

$47 cost too much for an ebook right?

Yes! I agree. But compare that to how much you’ve been spending in the gym or buying those things you think will make her like you — that more expensive phone, that fancy… you know what I’m talking about.

Do you know that guy who doesn’t look as good as you but gets the girls?

That’s because he knows how to, which you’re about to be in less than a week.

The women this book will get you in less than 7 days will be more than you’ll get going to the gym or buying that designer shirt.

Try it out.


I’m not going to act like others after offering you this amazing deal, stick you in some program that charges your hard-earned money on your credit card every month.

I ain’t one of them.

There’s no hidden continuity program you have to try.

I’m giving you this book at only $47 because I know it will not only be helpful to you. But because it will also be helpful to the new women you meet, and also help you become that guy that tells his friends what to do when it comes to women — that’s if you like to share.

My hope is you’ll love what this book will do for you and this will be the start of a good relationship for years to come.

With that said, there’s ONE thing to keep in mind:

Time Is Of The Essence

No! I’m not about to tell you this book will go out of stock because I know you ain’t stupid.

But hey! How many more mistakes do you want to keep making with the women you meet? Ain’t you tired?

How many more women do you want telling their friends that “despite the signals that I show him that I want him sexually he acts so nice which turns me off!”

The women you want also want you. No lie! You just need to have what they want. I’m not talking about money.

For a second, imagine… yourself talking to that girl you’ve always wanted. Imagine her wanting to kiss you for the first time.

This book is going to help you live that imagination you’ve been holding, write it down, read this book and watch it manifest in your reality.

But here’s this.

Soon, when I get the targeted amount of testimonials from my buyers like you, I’m definitely skyrocketing the price of this wonderful book.

My clients love to continuously work with me so I guarantee 100% that you’ll love this book.

Click the “ADD TO CART” button and I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Natasha Karim.


In case you’re one of those rare type *winks, who likes to read the P.S, here’s what this special book is about.

I’m handing you a 400-page book that outlines the exact tricks that I teach my high paying clients to escape being the nice guy who always gets the friend-zone tag regardless of how hard he tries.

You pay way less than my clients pay for a consultation. You pay just $47.

This is a very limited time offer because when I get a number of testimonials, I’m sky-rocketing the price because I believe it’s good because it’s been working with all my coaching clients.

Click here to claim your copy now. You won’t regret your $47. You’ll be happy you followed the second part of your mind which is asking you to try this out.

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