By Mauris Othuke

Welcome back here,

“Rome wasn’t built in a day”

If you’re here for the first time, picture this …

Do you know how useless it is when someone carries water in a basket?

That’s how this content will feel you if you haven’t read the first part, so #clickhere so you’d not feel like you’re wasting your time reading this, despite how useful those who’ve read the first part will say this is.

If you do not fall into that category, then you’re welcome to read on.

So, …

Content structure, content format and what a content contains is one part, but what good is a content structure when its reader quits reading before halfway because the readers feel like the content wasn’t made for them.

Below is what the content which readers don’t close before halfway contains;

1. Understands The Readers/Viewers Pain.

I’m sure you’d agree with me that success is sweeter when you come from nothing.

That’s the same way your content will be more engaging if it shows the reader that you know what they’re going through.

A lot of people start writing and focus more on telling the benefits of doing this and doing that.

What they don’t know is,

That only shows the reader that you don’t really understand them.

Picture the following;

If you’re such a shy guy that even your friends don’t carry you along when going out for fear of being known with you, if you read this blog, not only will you develop the confidence to attract the hot girls, your confidence will be so radiating that even guys will come around you because they want to be known with you.


If you read this blog, you’ll be a very confident man.

Which of the above do you think will speak to a man more?

That’s part of what it means to understand the readers’ pain. And that is what attracts them to consult you or want to view your content more.

2. Knowing The Exact Result The Reader/Viewer Desire.

According to Napoleon Hill, one of the greatest minds ever, if a customer describes B to you, give them B, don’t give them more or less until you’ve given them exactly what they asked for.

So how does that apply here?

If your headline says “How to get pretty girls”

Men are interested in getting the pretty girls in bed, not just going on dates with them, so if your content isn’t telling them that it will help them ways to get that done, they’ll leave.

3.Proof That You’re Capable.

What are the chances that if you’re a man, you would not continue reading this?

“Below are the four tips that I’ve used to help other men who used to be single for over 4 months get the hottest girls in the city, who are now writing positive reviews on my website”

When viewers see this, they won’t hold themselves back from consuming your content or wanting to book a session with you.

Quick question, 

Do you desire to spend more time searching and learning about how to write better and engaging content and abandon focusing on your coaching career? Or would you rather give your all to becoming a better coach, and let a professional niche writer create these content that will promote you better?

By the way, I’m Mauris, a relationship copywriter who creates content that positions relationship coaches as the one solution to men’s relationship problems and pain, clickhere to see how I do that.

Thank you for your time.

You’ve come a long way reading each and every one of our content, our third piece of content is on the way.

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