4 Lessons From Brad Pitt And Jennifer Aniston’s Controversy to Make You a Better Person…

4 Lessons From Brad Pitt And Jennifer Aniston’s Controversy to Make You a Better Person...

By Mauris Othuke

Brad Pitt is definitely making news these days. He’s the hottest thing on the internet and maybe Tinder(speculated) right now.

But despite all the news and rumors about him, it’s inevitable to say that he’s a man who has entertained us a lot.

Even though we’re not sure if he’s coming back, dating or getting married to Jennifer Aniston again, he has shown some gestures which position him as a sweet and knowledgeable man.

So here four lessons you can learn from what’s going on with Brad Pitt and Jeniffer Aniston that can help you become a better person;

1. Reach Out to Friends

After the death of Jennifer Aniston’s mother. Brad Pitt ignored the fact that he and Jeniffer were both divorced, but picked up his phone to talk to her about what has happened with her mother.

Regardless of what the news might be about your friends, don’t act like it’s nothing or it doesn’t mean much. You have their phone number or social media details.

Pick up your phone and reach out to them. Celebrate with them, mourn with them, that’s what a good friend does. Even if it’s just to say Happy new month or congratulate them about reaching a milestone or achieving a goal, do it.

2. Learn To Offer Condolences

“Brad Pitt contacted Jen after her mother died and she was touched that he knew what a difficult time it was,” sources say.

It’s generally not easy talking to a friend or colleague who lost someone they had a relationship with. Sometimes, we wish we don’t get to meet the person during the period of loss because we want to avoid the awkward feeling.

Well, it isn’t statutory that you offer condolence face to face to that person going through a loss. If meeting up or talking to the person’s face to face makes you feel nervous, pick up the phone to call or text them. This helps to reduce the tension the next time you see them.

The truth is, this awkward feeling doesn’t go away whenever you meet the person for the first time, even if it’s two months later. So don’t avoid it.

Offering condolences also positions you as a sensible an emotionally matured person. Though avoiding the person feels easier, learning to offer condolence is a human gesture as Brad Pitt has shown.

3. Learn To Say Sorry For Wrong Doings

Brad Pitt apologized to Aniston for his mistakes during their divorce. Pitt had always felt like he could have handled the end of their marriage in a more thoughtful manner.

Generally, when we’re not happy with the results we get, we tend to express our emotions differently from the way we do when we’re happy. And this could seem offensive to the people around us.

We’re often aware of the moment we’ve wronged others. Ghosting people or acting like you don’t care isn’t the way to go when we’re wrong.

Say sorry to whoever you might have wronged to unburden yourself. There’s no beauty or reward in holding onto things that aren’t helping you grow, especially when you’re the one at fault.

4. Don’t Cut People Off Your Life Because of Misunderstandings

Despite being divorced, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston still had each other’s numbers and they often communicate with one another from time to time.

It’s really easy to let people, unfollow or cut them off our lives especially when they offend us or go against us. Then we begin to think “what’s the benefit of having them around?”.

Well, except they have committed a treasonous act which is unfathomable, recognize the fact that you and that person came together for a reason, and you’ve been enjoying each others company for a while. Don’t let ego or misunderstandings make you cut off that person or friend off your life.

According to Napoleon Hill, “it’s more rewarding to lock hands than to lock horns”.

The key takeaway from this whole Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston’s controversy is, regardless of what has happened, holding onto things won’t help you become a better person, let go so you can live freely.

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