5 First Time Sex Positions To Keep Her Coming Back For More (Thick or Thin)

5 First Time Sex Positions To Keep Her Coming Back For More (Thick or Thin)

No! You don’t have to be a pro to try them out…
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By Mauris Othuke

Did she finally agree to come visit you after a successful first date? Are you a charmer for picking up new women and taking them home? Or does your new partner want to come over and do it for the first time?
Is she so hot or too pretty that you don’t want to disappoint her? Then be ready, because today, you’re about to learn how to give her sex like she hasn’t experienced in a while or even in her lifetime, which will help you keep her or make her think about you endlessly.
According to an unofficial poll, most people are unwilling to stay in a relationship if the sex is bad. Even if you’re not interested in a relationship yet, you should get her to see that you’re a one of a kind guy.
Before we start, here are some rules you should observe to make the whole process go smoothly. 
  • A cool and calm environment is best.
  • Lubricants will reduce pain and make it more pleasurable for both of you.
With that said, let’s get started on how to make her feel like you’re a sex god.


The man who women truly enjoy having sex with is he who doesn’t begin sex as soon as clothes come off. On the other hand, kissing isn’t all there is to foreplay. Therefore, to give her an exciting experience, start with at least 5 minutes of non-stop foreplay — don’t forget to breathe!
Then after foreplay, kickstart the journey with this position. Get her to lay her back on the bed, then kneel right in front of the vagina and ask her to wrap her legs around your butt. This will help keep the friction and reduce the number of times the penis falls off.


Here’s why this is better than the normal doggy. The pillow gives her support and helps her stay in that position longer. Which means you’ll worry less about having to pull her back every time.
So here’s how to give her the best when it comes to this style. Have her kneel on the bed in a regular doggy position. Then place a pillow in between her stomach and the pelvic region. Then start thrusting. To make the process easier for you, make her open her legs and kneel in between them.


After those two positions, you might both need to take rest, but that does not mean you should call it quit. So this position will come in handy and help you restore strength.
Lay on the bed with your ribs, and have her do the same. You can either do this face to face or have her facing the other side. Face to face will get you smiling at one another while having your face on her back will make her scream more.


 This position is best for fourth place. Start this by stimulating her clits — every woman enjoys that. Make sure your fingers are trimmed every time you want to have sex.

Then have her lay on her back like the first position. Ask her to place her legs on your shoulders, then start thrusting.
What makes this position the duo is the ability to use your hands to give her a second sensation, especially on her breast. — I mean her nipples, just pinch and rub them softly while penetrating. If she is bold, she’ll tell you she’s in paradise.


The best sex is that which makes a woman feel as though she’s on top of the world. So literally let her get on top this time — come on, you’ve been on top twice!
So lay on your back. Then ask her to kneel while trying to sit on your penis like the missionary style. As she’s coming on top, hold your penis and direct it easily into her vagina, so the process won’t seem awkward. Then ask her to lay her hands on your shoulders, and let her ride according to the rhythm.
I just want to say congratulations on seeing these five positions to an end. You’re a genius and she knows it! The only reason why she might not come back is that she’s boring when it comes to sex. It ain’t your fault!

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