About Mauris Othuke

Mauris Othuke is a consultant and copywriter for relationship and personal development coaches. He helps coaches develop strategies on how to grow their business. He also creates content that adds exceptional value to their readers which drives readers to their coaching services. He’s a contributor to several publications. He spends his spare time giving men tips on how to understand women on Instagram.

More About Mauris Othuke

Hello dear reader, I’m Mauris Othuke.
Since almost everyone writes their about in the third person, and I’m not feeling strong enough to do that today, I’m just going to do it the other way.
Welcome here.
What do you want to know about me?
Sorry, I can’t hear you — so I’m just going to tell you what I can. 🙂
I’m a 24 years old guy currently living in Bangalore.
Yeah, that’s also where I came for school and chose Socialism over Journalism.
I came down here to study. After 3 years of studying Psychology, Economics, and Sociology, I fell in love with writing.
Why? Good question.
I felt really stuck while trying to figure out what to do next. My relationship game was O. Although, I didn’t have my heartbroken, I couldn’t get the women I want.
It made me feel shitty. It made me feel ugly outside because the women that came close to me found a reason to leave. The worst part being I couldn’t pinpoint the reason why.
Generally, after college, the next thing to do is figure out what to do next.
So, I asked myself, how can I become a better person when I have something bothering me almost every damn day.
Then, I decided to spend the next 6 months figuring myself out. I spent my time learning everything I could about relationships and building my confidence.
At first, I couldn’t see or feel any difference. That brought about the thought of quitting the process of personal development.
But I knew quitting wasn’t going to make me feel as happy as I want, so I decided to go on.
I struggled over and again — but there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel.
I am not going to whisper to you that from that time, I’ve seen a lot of women. Or that the ones who are attracted to me are older than I am.
That’s why I decided to focus on selling to people who are going through what I’ve been. I do this by applying my Economics and Psychology background to help coaches.

Before You Go On Here’s What You Need To Know,

  • I can not help you get rich quick — even a loan can’t help you get rich tomorrow.
  • If you’re not interested in creating content, you’re not going to enjoy working with me.
  • If you’re looking for a quick fix, you’re not looking for me,


If you know the best way to make sales is with content, then just like Tinder, “it’s a match”.
Here’s what a lot of people are not conscious of…
Quick question,
Why did you follow the last person you followed on Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter?
Don’t think — it’s simply because you love what you saw. AKA they had the right content for you.
Would you rather buy from that person or someone who you don’t know?
Now you get my point.

Here’s What I Will Specifically Help You With

My main focus is to help you turn creating content into profit.
When it comes to consulting, every buyer wants to trust you before working with you.
This best way to do that is by using content that gives value — that’s where I focus on.
There are thousands of people out there going through various personal struggles.
They need help but are not sure of who to turn to because they’re scared of wasting their money.
That’s why we have to give them valuable content first.

Here’s My Little Pitch To You

Go to my homepage and read some of my articles.
If you like them, sign up for more free content.
If they help you, consider buying my stuff when I make an offer.
Less aggressive yeah?
Thanks for your time, and keep winning.

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