Coach Creating Your Content? The Hidden Dangers!

By Mauris Othuke

“No man is an island.”

Before you start reading, I want to make you a promise …

If you regret reading this content, visit my website ( and give your email in the connect section, tell me how much time you spent reading this, and I’ll reimburse that time you wasted reading this, I promise you that. 

So, …

If you’re a specialist coach or a relationship coach to be precise, and you desire to have content that will increase your chances of getting more clients, 

There are two ways which you can do that,

  1. Read this content.
  2. I’ll tell you just how to not stress about the process at the end of this short content.

As you’ll agree with me, as the days go by, …

There are people who are either having problems with their partners or those who are lost in the process of getting the woman they desire.

Which therefore means, they’re all heading to the internet for help, I mean watching Youtube videos or reading blogs that will help them with the process.

Which if, the content resonates with them, they’ll use the services of the coach who has contents that understand them.

And without doubt, you as a coach, you know that when they consume your content and they like you because you have the content that resonates with them, they’ll either consult you for your services or attend your seminars.

So in today’s blog, I’ll be revealing the secret behind having the content that will attract people to consult you, attend your seminars or bootcamp.

So the first danger in creating your content as a coach who’s not a professional writer is …


One question if I may,

Have you ever needed help, and you decided to google to find a way around it?

Let’s say you want to learn how to create a blog, then you opened the first content google popped up, 

But as soon as the page opens you loose interest, why? 

It’s because of the way the content is formatted, that’s why you just lost the spirit to read on.

Well, that’s one thing a lot of specialists who create their own content do not know, 

And despite how good the content is, when it lacks a good formatting structure, the readers lose interest and quit reading.


Take a look at the following headlines, which of these would you click?

How to attract a girl,


If you’re not the hottest or richest guy, do these to make women attracted to you.

My friends said they’d click the second one,

But have you ever experienced clicking a content whose headline grabbed your attention, but in less than one minute you stopped reading?

I bet you have.

“But why’s that so?”

It’s because like I said before, improper formatting and also because of the fact the content was not good enough to retain the viewers’ attention.

So more than grabbing and retaining the readers’ attention, the next danger about creating your content is;


Okay, so maybe you created a content which is good enough to grab and retain attention, but then at the end of the content, you didn’t introduce yourself properly, nor asked the viewers to carry out an action,

What then is the essence of the video? Just to tell?

Telling isn’t a bad thing, but what’s wrong with telling and selling?

Will it be detrimental to tell the people who’ve enjoyed consuming your content to subscribe to get quick access to your new content, or even asked them to consult you if they have problems relating to that area?

More than just having a call to action, having the right call to action and having it at the right place is also very important.

Quick question,

How many times do you obey those guys on youtube who as soon as you open their content, before 4 sentences go by, they ask you to subscribe to their channel before even letting you on the content itself?

Do you want to spend more time searching and learning about how to write better and engaging content and abandon focusing on your coaching career? Or would you rather give your all to becoming a better coach, and let a professional niche writer create these content that will promote you better?

By the way, I’m Mauris, a relationship copywriter who creates content that positions relationship coaches as the one solution to men’s relationship problems and pain, #clickhere to see how I do that. This is the other way I promised to tell you about how to increase your audience.

Thank you for your time.

Stay tuned for our next content about the 3 things that makes your readers engage in your content.

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