Here’s Your One Opportunity To Connect With An Intimate Partner Who You’d Create Beautiful Memories With…

Hello there and welcome.

I’m Xiaoli Mei, popularly known as happiness in love coach.

Over the years through my coaching experience, I realize something which I know would

Bring An Overwhelming Turn Around To The
Lives Of Matured Single People!

Because it’s an area where a lot of people are currently having troubles,

And also because it’s my field of expertise.

Lately, I’ve had more than 10 clients come to me with this same problem, repeating these same words;

“Life Feels Lonely And Even When I Finally Decide To Give Dating A Try, I Don’t Meet The Right People”

This brings me no joy!

And that’s why I decided to partner with Lucie, the owner of Luvidya Matchmaking Company,

To work out the best matchmaking event at the beginning of the new year 2020 for only a few calibers of people.

I’ve been passionately coaching for over 10 years and on the other hand,

Lucie has been successfully running her Matchmaking company for over 5 years.

And most times our clients come to us saying;

“I follow popular advice of dressing up and going out often. But after a couple of dates, I come to realize that they’re just not right for me.”

Without a doubt, this advice doesn’t usually bring the best result for people over 40.

And we’ve also found out that this advice usually have some flaws,

That’s why we’re trying to fix them for you if you’re a man or woman within the age of 40-65.

And one of the predominant problems with going out to meet people is that most times,

When single people of this age go out, they end up meeting people who are not of their class or caliber!

So, therefore, Luvidya Matchmaking Company and I are hosting an


See, just going out isn’t all you need to meet the right one,

You need to meet the right people who can understand you and accept you for your worth.

Happiness comes when you meet people of your caliber, because if you meet people who are less or more than you,

You’d eventually end up feeling like you’re not enough or you’re too much.

Which therefore makes people unhappy and unsuccessful with the process.

See, there are people in your class
looking for someone special like you!

But they won’t find you because you’ve both been going to the wrong places.

It was in an event like this that one of my clients met the partner who she said: “makes me feel alive every morning.”

I don’t have a problem dealing with people from different social class,

I’m just someone who believes that happiness comes from meeting people with similar values and lifestyles!

Now if you want to meet men or women of your status, who you’d definitely feel happier, loved, fulfilled and be valued as an equal with …

#Clickhere now to reserve your spot because there are only 10 seats for each sex,

And also because we truly want you to meet high-value people.

You know what most people fail to do?
They leave meeting the right person to fate,

But how much longer do you want to keep waiting? When there’s someone out there looking for you?

The seed that does not fall to the ground will not germinate.

If you don’t socialize you won’t meet the right people,

But if you socialize right, you’d definitely meet the perfect match.

So why not take this opportunity?

Hundreds of women and men have Experienced success in exclusive matchmaking even like this,

Are you ready to be the next?

#Clickhere now to reserve your space, there are only but 10 seats for every sex.

And here’s a little of what we have for someone special like you;

  • Matchmaking game with beautiful charming people.
  • Drinks & music.
  • Hors d’oeuvre.
  • Laughter and many more to help you have a swell time.

Date: January 18, 2020

Time : 1:00 – 4:00 PM

Age: 40-65

Criteria: Intelligent, fit, relationship-minded with a successful career.

Venue: Private mansion, Woodside C.A (address will be sent to you after registration)

Other matchmaking events have been successful,
Imagine looking Back At The Days You Wake up Feeling Alone

You’ll be glad you did not miss this opportunity.

It’s Xiaoli Mei, Thank you

Here’s your chance and your ticket #clickhere