How To Act On Your First Date So She’d Ask To See You Again …

By Mauris Othuke

After 4 weeks of continuous swiping on Tinder, David finally got a notification “new match” on a Thursday evening when it felt like nothing can go right for David.

So after texting for 2 days, on Saturday night Alicia finally agreed to meet David on Sunday afternoon. David was so excited! It seemed like David finally got lucky for the first time.

On Sunday afternoon, unlike most Tinder girls, Alicia didn’t fail. She kept her words and showed up at the agreed location. David was so happy!

David later went home feeling like a fisherman who finally caught a shark, because, DAMN!! Alicia was both pretty and hot.

David texted her on Monday, on Tuesday, and on Wednesday, but he got no reply from Alicia. Apparently the last time David and Alicia had a conversation was during their first date on Sunday.

So what made Alicia who swiped David right, who texted him the same day, who agreed to go on a date with David, who even showed up for a date, decide to automatically stop replying David’s messages?

Well, in today’s blog, I Mauris, an expert relationship copywriter is about to tell you the things which you as a man going on a date with a woman should do so that you don’t end up falling in the same trap that David fell in. —David felt really bitter about himself for days.

I mean I’m about to tell you only 3 of the proven ways which after I became conscious of and started applying, increased my chances rapidly with the beautiful women I go out with.

So let’s start here;

The first thing you should do when you show up for a date with a girl whom you’d like to see again is;


Have you ever been in that situation where, you’re talking to someone face to face, or standing with someone in a queue, and somebody tries to rudely walk in between the two of you?

Well, an alpha man (whom women want to be with) will not let that happen.

If you’re with a girl, the only distance that should be between the two of you is distance meant to make her feel more comfortable, not to serve as a path for others to walk by.

Also, if you’re walking on the roadside with her, no matter the space between the both of you, never let anyone walk through that space.

Let me help you understand this better on the second point …


“He’s my knight in shining armor”

These days, the chances of going to war are less.

But how can you as a man in the no-war era make this become a reality?

Whenever you’re walking with a woman, let her be on the safer side, always make sure to do that

You might not always be conscious of this at the beginning but whenever it comes to your mind, pull her gently or ask her to move to the other/safer side of the road.

Women take note of this when they’re with you. It’s a sweet and manly gesture. Women are also always trying to understand if you know how to protect a woman.

A girl some time ago told me one of the reasons she loves me is that despite my stubbornness I still know exactly when to act like a gentleman.

So, when you show her that you know how to do this, this will make her want to submit more to you because it’s only a true leader who knows how to make people’s safety a priority.

One thing sweeter than making her walk on the safer side of the road is holding her hands while walking. This makes her feel more protected and special.

A knight in shining armor is meant to protect a lady, so protect her by doing that.

And finally, the third thing which I’ll be telling you today when it comes to what you should do when you’re on a date with a woman is;


“Sir, we’re sorry but your order will be ready in 15 minutes”

and you go …

“WTF! Are you guys even ready for business?”

This is how the regular guy behaves, react or what he says. Unknown to him, this makes the girl see an impatient man who doesn’t know how to handle himself during situations.

In the words of Napoleon Hill mixed with mine “If you retaliate what someone else has done to you, you’re only being them and not being your best self.”

So, therefore, if you want her to see you again, take that 13 minutes window to either go out for a short walk or bring up a conversation that she’d enjoy.

The moral here is, whatever situation that presents itself, never act weary, rather take control and do something else.

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And that’s a wrap. These are the three things which if you do right, the girl you’re on a first date with will not mind agreeing to go on a second date with you because by doing these you’ve proven to her that you’re truly an outstanding man. 

And I’m 99% sure you’d agree with me that girls want to be with men who are outstanding.

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