If You’re Not The Hottest or Richest Guy, Do These To Make Women Attracted To You …

By Mauris Othuke

“Actions speaks louder than words”

It’s not just a cliche, girls are always attracted to the hot looking or rich guys. 

But what do you do if you’re a man who does not fall into one of these two categories?

Are you having a hard time when it comes to getting women to like you? 

Or are you that guy who women don’t come around, who the women you chase run away from?

Then I have just one question for you …

Are you ready to stop being that guy who the women you’re trying to attract run away from, and become the one guy who though isn’t driving a Lamborghini, women desire and want?

If YES!, then in this blog …

I’m about to single-handedly give you the tips which only relationship coaches give to their high paying clients, 

I mean this is going to be the most insightful blog you’ll read when it comes to making women attracted to you.

Hello there, I’m Mauris, an expert relationship copywriter who helps relationship coaches create content that positions them as the one solution to men’s relationship pains.

So if you practice these tips, 

not only will women be attracted to you or want you more, but you’ll also be in possession of secrets which some of the rich & hot looking guys who you think have more advantages than you don’t even know about.

Have you seen crazy stupid love? Ryan Gosling wasn’t a CEO nor was he the Prince of Dubai, but he did things in ways that made women want and admire him more.

So today, I’m about to hand you some of the tips he used.

Let’s begin here …


Do you know what happens when ice sees fire? It ALWAYS melts.

That’s the same way a girl who sees you doing things confidently will melt at your presence or actions.


Dress confidently, walk confidently, talk confidently and act confidently.

Sometimes, even with the most expensive branded clothing, we don’t feel confident.

So, it’s best to wear clothes that not only makes you feel good or feel free but clothes that when you look at the mirror, you smile. That smile means you’ll be getting more attention while you walk by the road.

Walk confidently …

Don’t walk like a zombie, walk like a man that you’re. Walk with an abundance mentality, like the world and everything in it is yours. 

I know you might be thinking, “everything in the world isn’t mine”. Truth is, that’s where your problem comes in.

Talk confidently …

If you’re nervous while talking you’ve lost it if you’re not sure about what you’re saying you’ve lost, if you don’t trust what you’re saying you’ve lost. 

So the rule is, only open your mouth to say things which you know, don’t just give an opinion.

Act confidently … 

If your mind tells you not to do it, don’t do it. Whatever you’re doing that you’re not proud of or you know at least won’t bring you positive results, don’t do it, because it unconsciously kills the confidence you have in yourself.


I’m not saying you should be a bus. Never be one, never let people drive you either. That bike was just too nice to ignore.

By the way, what I’m trying to say is …

Chase your goals, chase your dreams, chase your ambitions.

A girl won’t resent you if she sees you chasing your dreams. Dreams which will bring you a better future or life. Rather they’ll want you more and want to be part of you.

Women admire and want a man who knows how to chase their goals and dreams. So let women see that chasing your goals is your first priority, then they’ll be attracted to you and want you more.


Don’t be the “I don’t know” guy.

At least have knowledge about what is happening in your surroundings. Have an idea of what’s trending. 

This will make her want you more because it shows her that you know things or have things to talk about when she comes around you.

Here’s a brotherly piece of advice, when you’re not asked about a topic, don’t just give your opinion upfront, it will make you seem intrusive. 

I’m sure even you, hate intrusive people.

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