I guarantee you’ll find this more valuable than Netflix💯

Dear Abigail,

Netflix can be fun, don’t get me wrong.

But do you know what’s more fun?

Having a man by your side while watching Netflix.

Having a man tease you about a woman in the movie.

Having a man argue romantically about certain scenes.

Having a man call you a special name because you’re as special as the lady on Netflix.

That’s what most ladies are doing today, I can’t deny, I’m one🙈.

So what’s more valuable than Netflix again?

Watching a short program that makes Netflix more fun, makes you feel warm, makes you smile, makes you wake up feeling like the luckiest woman alive, makes you forget how it feels to go to bed all alone.

This special program is what you’ll find on the webinar I’m hosting for single ladies tomorrow.

Did someone just say I can’t wait for tomorrow? High-five.

Have you saved a seat for yourself already?

Today’s your last chance to register, am I going to see you tomorrow too?

Or will you keep watching Netflix alone?

The choice is yours. However, I’ll ask you to chose what every single woman who has the opportunity to chose a love life-transforming system would.

I chose it, and I will choose it again if I was single.

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