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Here’s what most men do when they join Tinder …

They set up a “how I want it profile”

Then, James starts swiping carefully so he doesn’t swipe the girl he doesn’t want right.

He even sets a timer for every 12 hours …

So he does not miss the opportunity to swipe twice a day since he has limited swipes.

On the other hand, Henry’s paying for “Tinder GOLD”

So he can swipe without limitation.

Well, Henry swipes his thumb numb every day.

Sam books a cab on Fridays to visit his friends around the city.

Because “the girls in the city are more civilized.”

Yet, he’s only got 1 match from one girl!

Who looks like someone who he won’t walk up to on a regular day.

Finally, David.

Before he starts swiping, he asks his friends what they think is the best hack so he can update his profile.

All that got him just one woman, not an ideal good looking woman, talk more of the imaginary hot one he’s been wishing for!


Don’t you think it’s time to stop listening to advice from people who haven’t studied the art?

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Not considering how much you currently have in your bank account.

Not considering if you take the bus or don’t have a car.

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