The Quickie Guide To Approaching The Unknown Hot Woman…

By Mauris Othuke

How to reduce the risk involved.


It’s generally not easy thinking of approaching the woman standing over there like people or even coaches talk about it. There’s usually more tension inside us than there is in the high-tension cable, especially when she hasn’t even made a single eye contact with us.

But despite the tension, our mind often continuously tells us to go-go-go because it knows that we’d be worth more socially — or at least feel more proud and happier with ourselves when we successfully secure the bag!

So, should we approach the unknown hot lady and possibly face humiliation with a slight chance of getting successfully acquainted with her or stay back, save face but constantly worry about not making the move for at least a few more hours even when she’s gone?

That’s where this blog comes in. We’ve decided to help you make the process involved easier, so at the end of the day, you can look at yourself in the mirror and smile because you did something manly about it. Here’s the process involved and what to do;

1. Recognize Anxiety As A Blue Tick

There’s nothing physically or psychologically wrong with you for feeling anxious about the process. Anxiety is the beginning of something big, it’s a sign that you are about to do something that you haven’t done in a while or something you’re not used to.

So, having your heart race like it’s about to compete with Jamaican Ulsan Bolt, is actually something you should congratulate yourself about, not something which should hold you back.

Chances are if your heart doesn’t beat faster or you don’t have any self-doubts, she’s not the girl of your dreams or she doesn’t look as hot as the ones you’ve seen.

2. Be Your Own Mentor

Even if you have a personal coach who motivates you or advises you about what to do. Most of the time when you meet the hot women who sweep you off your feet, they won’t be around you.

That doesn’t mean you have to say “nahh!, some other time.”

So, the first thing to do is acknowledge and tell yourself that your anxiety means you’re about to take a chance at winning the lottery. Then move to kill any self-doubts you might be carrying in your mind, and also the “what if she thinks I’m not good enough”. Most times, deep down you know you’re good for it.

Tell yourself “I’m a confident and high-value man, who doesn’t let rewarding opportunities pass me by because of fear which isn’t even real”.

3. It’s All About Baby Steps

If you’re at a party or in a congregation, just say “hi, how’re you” to the next person standing or close to you who’s not the target. That doesn’t mean you should quit if you’re standing a few feet away from the hot woman and you don’t have room for drama rehearsal.

Here’s just give yourself a little self-talk or remind yourself of the last time you did something which you thought you couldn’t do, but you slayed it.

4. Visualization The Key To All Success

If you ask billionaires how they did it, they’d tell you “I saw it before time”. If you ask superstars how it feels playing for over a million people in a show, they’d tell you “I have seen it over and again before hopping on the stage.”

This is what makes a lot of people winners. Feeling and seeing themselves as winners. If you think you can, you will, if you think you can’t, you won’t. Visualize yourself having a successful conversation with her, see her responding with a smile, see yourself feeling free the more you talk to her, and the process will be easier than you think.

5. Walk-Up To Her

Most times, this is where we never get to. We’re about to move, but we see 5 of our stronger selves not even holding but pulling us back, from actually approaching her.

Just take in one long deep breath with your eyes closed and go say hi. Best when you get there, stretch out your hand out for a handshake to reduce the tension that comes with the process.

This is an easy way to always increase your chances whenever you see that hot woman who almost wants to make you lose your consciousness and senses.

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