(After All, It’s What Got You Here)

From The Desk Of Mauris Othuke.

Dear Friend,

Copywriting is the future of advertising and what every business needs, as you might not yet know.

The evidence is in the fact that you’re currently reading this.

Here’s How You Got Here:

You clicked the link on one of my blogs on LinkedIn.

It was put in front of you on purpose because you’re in our target market.

But it wasn’t the content itself that got you here.

It was the strategy behind it.

Here’s how the strategy played out:

First, we targeted you with our content because you “fit the criteria” of someone we’re interested in getting good results for as a client.

Then we made sure that the content you saw was actually helpful to you.

A lot of care and effort went into that part because it’s one of the most important parts of the equation.

The reason why is because you and I both know the real key to having someone want to do business with you is to have them …

Sincerely Believe You

Can Actually Help Them.

And the most effective way to get someone to believe that is to … well, actually help them.

So that’s one thing that got your attention.

We put content in front of you that actually helped you and then …

You Consumed It

We know you consumed it because this link is only available to the people who read our specific content.

Here’s Exactly What Happened:

You read one of our blogs or more.

You saw value in it and it spoke to you.

Then we made you the offer to become a client.

You paid attention because you’ve already gotten value from us.

… And now you’re here.

Simple. Helpful. AND IT WORKED!

So let’s talk about how we can use this strategy to build your brand … and get you more customers at the same time.

It All Starts With The Message.

Copywriting is all about what you say to the people reading or listening to your content that will make them want to do what you want.

We can use your blogs to draw more people to you, let’s help you tweak it.

So the first we’ll do is to examine the content you already have and recreate them to be more appealing to your customers.

If you don’t have a content strategy, we’ll help you create one.

By this, we mean “We’ll figure out exactly what to say so people will like you and want to buy from you.”

This How You’ll Win;

Most people get this all wrong, and that’s why you and I have such a huge advantage.

They generally focus or spend their coaching time trying to create content that tells, but the truth is you’re in a business and you need contents that sell.

After reviewing what you already have and also reviewing your content strategy,

Then we can move into talking about what you should always add to your new content if you desire to continue creating them yourself,

Or we’ll take that from you so that you can have more time in your hands to focus on coaching your clients better or spending more time with your family and friends.

I Know You Love Your Business,

Are you really interested in taking your business to the level?

Let’s talk on how we can help you do what the other coaches don’t do.

Fill in the short form below, and we’ll contact you in 42 hours.

Thank you for reading

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