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My Personality traits


The more force exerted, the further it will go. Therefore, I always give my all to whatever I’m doing.


“The man who does more than paid will in no time be paid more than he does” The extra mile is what counts.


What a man plant, he shall reap. Therefore, I do my best to always put up my best behaviour.


As a business owner, if you have to wait for people to tell you what to do, you definitely won’t go far.


It’s more benefiting to shake hands than fight. So I give my best when dealing with people, if they don’t respect that, I stay away.


Regardless of the situation, no one has “annoy him” in their to-do list, therefore, I don’t let any negatives bother me.

Don't ignore this ...

Keep my psychology degree aside, keep aside my economics background, keep aside the writing courses I have studied, keep aside how long I’ve been writing, keep aside my templates and writing system.

Keep aside the fact that I was embarrassed mercilessly when I approached the one girl that my heart beats for, and I was so embarrassed that I wished the earth opened up to swallow me, and my heart got broken again because she ended up falling for one of my friends.

Keep aside the fact that the women who now want me are those who are older and understand life better.

Keep the fact that I know how to write and show the reader that you understand their pains, and that you know just how to help them out because you’re an expert who’s  also help others that have been through what they’re going through out aside.

Keep aside the fact that if I take over your writing works, you’ll have more time to focus solely on managing your business, to achieve your desired goals and most importantly more time to enjoy your hard work.

Keep aside the fact that I’m efficient and that I’m telling you that I won’t delay, or there will be no problem from my end when we’re working together.

Keep aside the fact that “THE CUSTOMER IS KING” is one of the motto’s I conduct my business by.

The only thing I want to tell you is …

If you’ve read up to this point without no gun pointed to your head, or without a reward for reading.

Then know this …

The same way my writing made you read this far, that’s the same way I write content that will get clients to read everything and seek you.

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