Your Relationship Might Not Last — Except You’re Experiencing These 5 Things…

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Or shall we say, signs your relationship will go to hell and be back!


Wishing the joy, the fun and romance in your beautiful relationship continue forever and ever especially when it begins is inevitable — but do we leave our relationship to Dr. Wish? When even an Uber XL can’t take us to him?

And as much as we hate it, sometimes when we see other relationships coming to an end, we begin to wonder if this sweet thing we’re having will also one day come to an end. This sometimes drives us swiftly into mood swings or makes us close our eyes to avoid it, but we end up thinking about it more and more.

Just like everything good, no one wants it to come to an end, so here are 5 things to look out for if you’re thinking your relationship has a future or not, or if you and your partner are just having fun or are serious about one another.

1. “I Was Once A …”

It’s kind of awkward and also painful to hear something about or happened to your partner some time ago — from another source (reported news) The feeling of surprise that comes with it knows no bound.

A partner who doesn’t reveal their wrongdoings or their past to you is a partner who doesn’t see potential in you or who’s only here to have fun.

So, if your partner has opened up and shared their adversities with you, it only means that they’re comfortable sharing their vulnerable and weaker side with you. And anyone who’s willing to let you in on their vulnerability is one who wants you for the long term. This is the one sign that tells you that your partner trusts you

2. There’s No Universe Without U.

No one knows tomorrow, but if you don’t know what tomorrow holds for you with your partner, there might as well not be a tomorrow.

If your partners’ plans to go abroad for another job doesn’t include you, it sometimes means what you’re having is momentary. I’m not trying to say there specifically has to be a plan to get married, but if you’re not being considered for the things that will happen tomorrow in their life, you don’t really mean much to them.

No party in the relationship likes to be kept out of the loop. Most times, we tell ourselves that it doesn’t matter, or it doesn’t mean much. Don’t forget it’s the little things that wreck a ship. Letting your partner in on your plans and consulting them when you want to do something will mean more to them.

3. Reporting Live – Bae

What are you going to do about your babe’s promotion? What promotion?” Dang! There’s this outcast feeling when you hear something about your partner from their so-called bestie.

Your partner’s life doesn’t have to always center around you, but that doesn’t mean that you’ll not be considered first in the things that happen in their life too.

When there’s any great news, you’re dying to share it with them first before the rest of the world comes in. Even if you or they’re are at the office and you can’t really call to express yourself, pick up the phone and text them telling them about what just happened, and also let them know you wanted them to know first too.

This also makes your partner feel like they’re a huge part of your success and that you see them as really important in your life.

4. It’s “Our” Not “Your” Money.

“It’s not good for a woman to know how much you’re earning. If a man knows how much you’re earning, he’ll begin to feel less especially when you’re earning more than he earns.”

Okay, that’s true and I know it’s never easy to talk about how much you earn when you either have that one friend who tells you how their partner treats them when it comes to money,

But if you don’t have any plans together when it comes to spending habits or investing habits then you can’t work together towards achieving that future you both dream of.

5. It’s Bonnie And Clyde Baby

Couples that spend a lot of time together are usually “killing it”.

We’re not talking about “a lot of time together” as in on top one another — no! Anyone can do that. If the most memorable moments you have with your partner is when you guys are together on the bed, then just know sex grows up like a child and sometimes wants to leave his parents.

It’s okay if the most times you spend together is on the bed — only if you decide to take action and cultivate shared habits like visiting the gym or doing things together. Your partner also wants to lose weight, go to the gym with them.

How long should we work towards a healthy relationship? Simple answer — forever! If you don’t want to continuously put in the work, make sure to add “not interested in working towards a healthy relationship” when you sign up for tinder again.

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